Hear Your Children, America – Marching to the Beat of Equality

Hear Your Children, America!

by: JP Leddy

Hear your Children, America!

Marching to the Beat of Equality

Today a victory won

in a hallowed court

overturning the votes of many

who took away the

rights of the few…

Hear your children, America!

the ones bullied in your schools

thrown outside from your churches

left for dead in your fields

they are Marching for Equality…

Hear Your Children, America!

Lady Liberty is on their side

These are the tired , the forgotten and the few

but they also are the proud, the strong and the loving…

Hear Your Children, America

With their rainbow flag draped

by the red, white and blue

they will finally be given their

birthright place to stand with

full equality

the marching stopped

the closet opened

the weddings celebrated

as Americans Citizens enjoying

Liberty and Justice For All.

© JP Leddy

3 thoughts on “Hear Your Children, America – Marching to the Beat of Equality

  1. Not certain that we shall see consistent behavior by the system on this issue…it may depending more on who gives the most money to what cause…and who is willing to go out and vote…judges are appointed .

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