Connecting in All the Right Places

I am always amazed at the connections that I have made with the diverse people in my life in the various places I have lived or travel. I am also gaining a new level of appreciation for the connections made over such social media communities like Facebook with people I have never met personally.

These connections are sometimes even more powerful because the exchange of ideas seem to be more pure without the distraction of other stimuli.  The power of words supported by some images and media is really magnified in these communities. It really helps to connect people in all the right places and often is a great first step to the face to face meeting.

I have personally found humor, friendship and even the first inklings of what may be love in these interactions.  It certainly has been an experience that continues to evolve and transform the world.  It helps us communicate across many boundaries and huge distances.

I hope it helps us develop the better part of our humanity.

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