Double Dip Recession Does Not Mean I Want the GOP Back!

Okay, the economic recovery is taking longer than we had hoped.  It is painfully slow.  There was a slight upturn and then a pullback.  Now the current administration is taking the heat.  That is part  of the course.  Does it mean I want to run back to having the GOP in control?  HELL NO!

I mean when Obama took office, the country was in deep doo doo with what the former administration had already managed to cause with their failed economic policies and runaway financial corruption that happened under their watch with some of the biggest GOP supporters being caught in the scandal.  Also, a prolonged war fueled by the economic fever of oil gain rather than simply a pure interest in removing a terrorist threat.

No wonder,  that despite an idealist’s best efforts like Obama it has been a nightmarish tangled web to resolve and clean up this mess.  Yes, I am expecting more traction on his policies and  I am not absolving him completely of some poor decisions but his Presidency is definitely better than what we had before and the GOP platform is muddled down by right wing conservatism that has crippled it’s economic agenda.

It is interesting to see how the GOP is trying to spin everything desperately to gain a foothold on gaining back more power in November.  They are using the same propaganda of fear and stereotypical right wing hysteria to further their cause.  Their candidates are dated or simply so outlandish that they deserve more time on a gossip rag than on the political discussion floor.

So double dip recession or not, I am sticking with the current administration,  perhaps with a little more realistic eyes and a lot more demand for results.

4 thoughts on “Double Dip Recession Does Not Mean I Want the GOP Back!

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