In the Arms of Pachelbel

An excerpt from Pachelbel's Canon in D

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Music is such a powerful force in my life. There are moments when I get lost in it. I was walking around the lake near my home and put on my iPhone the classic, Pachelbel Canon in D Major.  The music enraptured me and this poem is about where it took me.

In the Arms of Pachelbel

by: JP Leddy

The notes quietly tip toe into the window of my mind

Pachelbel enters with his siren like music

Pushing into my memories and pulling out

the deepest part of my heart.

Only he can knock at the door of my loneliness and

break the slave like shackles so I can face my

pain and clean the last wounds of

love lost into the regrettable past.

Tears pour not from my eyes but

from my heart down inside my body filling

every blood vessel and cavity as I am swept

through wave after wave of emotional tides.

My friends echo in unison for me to move on

to new interests where love may grow

Yet all I find are sprouts that wither quickly into

the parched ground of one night stands and non-commitment.

So I find myself in the arms of my perfect lover, Pachelbel

whose haunting music moves my soul into his

comforting arms where  loneliness finds rest from

the reality of singleness in momentary bliss.

Oh, Pachelbel, sweep me away into the land

of belief where I can look again to the horizon

where true love may be found and that the music you give

will find me refuge in the arms of a love of all time.

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13 thoughts on “In the Arms of Pachelbel

  1. I share you feeling my friend, without music my life will be empty…this is a very powerful post, you have touched a core here and I command you for your writing skills. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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