Half A Century of Life

Happy Birthday!

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Today, I reached a milestone in my life.  I turned 50.   Yes, I cannot believe it myself.  However, my birth certificate says September 14, 1960.  I am a Virgo ( whatever that means I really don’t follow that whole thing).

With the normal razzing of being over the hill or an old man,  I have been shown an outpouring of love from friends and family.  On paper I am divorced, gay, father of four, born a Catholic, converted to Mormonism and then exited it with my coming out.

I have lived a rich life.  My three daughters and son are my life joined by two grandchildren.  They are all healthy.  One of my children  is in college and one of them is preparing to get into school in the winter.

JP Leddy September 2010

My personal life has seen a divorce from the woman who was my wife and mother to our children.   I have had two gay partners after that ended.

JP Leddy

JP Leddy

Speaking of that, I recently ended an 11 year relationship with the love of my life.  So I am still trying to figure out the whole relationship thing.  Yes, even at 50 life throws you challenges of the heart.

Yet in composite,  I am very happy  with my life.

In the end, leading  a happy life is what counts.

So Happy Birthday to me!  I am looking forward to the next 50 years.

Thank you

6 thoughts on “Half A Century of Life

  1. Wow my dear friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this very special day to you!!! Turning 50 is wonderful…(don’t say it too loud) I did just recently and would not have it any other way!!!! They say life begins at 50 and I fully agree. We all have stories to tell about the path of life and as long as we have family, friends and people who care, health….life is there to be lived. I am sorry to hear your relationship has ended but there are reasons for everything, even when we dont see why…and you have the rest of your life to look forward too. I am happy to be here and wish you everything of the best…the BEST life has to offer. Cheers to the next 50!!!!!!! Love you loads xxxx

  2. Wish you a happy belated birthday, JP 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your life story with us, I can take great lessons, that love is in the heart of our family.
    Cheers, JP 🙂

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