The Nate Berkus Show – It is REAL Good!

Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus, renowned expert on Design and protege of  Oprah Winfrey,  launched his new daytime talk show this week.  I actually record the shows since I am at work when they air and watch them at my convenience.   This show is good.  I mean it is really good.

From tips given on how to take a good photo to a revealing interview with Elizabeth Edwards, Nate touches a real good chord with the audience. His “Life by Design” mantra really permeates throughout the whole show as it skillfully weaves in really helpful design topics with life issues.

I should not be surprised by the quality of the show with someone like Nate Berkus.  We have seen this man not only prove  his design expertise over the years, but we have seen someone connected to humanity. I still remember the riveting interview with Oprah right after he lost his partner to the tsunami in Indonesia.

We saw his remarkable survival through that horrific loss of his and see him thrive.  America relates to Nate Berkus because of the way he lives his heart.

I am excited about the show and believe the ratings are proving that it is here to stay.

Great work, Nate!

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