The Year of the Oprah

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It is her 25th and final season and the lady who simply is known as Oprah is making each show of this season a punctuation mark of the finale.   I have my DVR recording her episodes and from what I have seen, I have not been disappointed.

Oprah is not only a cultural icon for the United States but also for the world.  Being that famous and influential also brings with it criticisms.   She has definitely been the target of such attacks.

However, the appeal of Oprah, especially among women, is her vulnerability and humanity.  Whatever errors in judgment she has made have been forgiven.  Despite her vast wealth, she has remained relatable ,  because she has never forgotten her roots.

Oprah has kept close to her public.  By some design and by fate she emerge as a leader, whose voice and ideas became influential. Her own personal struggles showed that wealth did not solve everything and that sisterhood was powerful.  She magnified the dignity of womanhood by showing that every woman deserved full person-hood.

She did not shy away from controversial subjects but addressed them head on with a style that made them palpable and understandable in the everyday American home. She won over many men as fans because of  her tenacity, fortitude,  enterprising and proven leadership abilities.

While she celebrated with us with the celebrities and stars of our days, she also contributed some of her philosophies of life.  Whether you agreed with them or not,  you have to love that she was willing to lift people and inundate us with messages of positive thinking.

She gave us Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus,  and to some extent Suze Orman.  How about Oprah’s Book of the Month Club…getting us to read again.  She was there to get us through Katrina, 9/11,   dealing with Iraq,  Columbine,  and all sorts of national crises.

She took us on a road trip with Gayle.

Although her show is ending this season, she is moving on to her new network: OWN.   She is simply evolving and growing. Aren’t we all?

So let us all join Oprah in this 25th finale celebration.  It really is celebrating us…we have been along the adventure and she has been our cruise director.

8 thoughts on “The Year of the Oprah

  1. may be some day i will see her show dont laugh but i have not seen a single one of her shows but its in my list 🙂

    i dont watch tv, if some fine day i start watching i will try her shows.

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