Falling Leaf



Photo by SKAmd



Falling Leaf

By: JP Leddy

Whipped by the Wind

The golden brown leaf loosens

Until it is free

from the withered branch

it floats rising with the draft

but dancing downward

like a twirling ballerina

beautiful to behold

in resplendid autumn colors

to rest gently

on the wet cold ground

where it will darken

into a muddy death

and disappear under

the coldness ofΒ  winter snow

33 thoughts on “Falling Leaf

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  3. is autumn supposed to be the theme… so many ppl have written about it!!

    a beautiful poem πŸ™‚

    well written πŸ™‚ lot of patience too πŸ˜€ beautiful pic as well ^-^

  4. If only I can see this poem as a scene in a movie… The movement of the leaf, fell down, then covered by snow…

  5. JP, it was really lovely to read this. I felt a little sad for the broken leaf but happy at the approaching winters..
    “Ballerina..?” Super- nice
    Very well written.. your words themselves were dancing, twirling and blowing around like the Fall wind..
    Happy Rally Dear

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