It Will Get Better With Us

Spirit Day

Today Spirit Day is being observed to support efforts to stop bullying against LGBT youth. Recent stories of youth who have committed suicide after being so despondent over relentless bullying for their mannerisms or differences associated with their sexual preference or perceived sexual preference.

Many are wearing purple to show support and to take a stand. Thousands have posted videos on You Tube encouraging youth to hold on assuring them that it gets better.

All these efforts are commendable and must be done. However, these young people deserve more from us. They deserve for us to make it better for them now.

As parents, School leaders and Community leaders we must enforce a no tolerance policy for bullying . We must teach tolerance and diversity. We must provide resources for these youth to be able to access to assist them so they find ways to deal with the stresses they face.

We must stop the slaughter of our young people. Let this Spirit Day be the beginning of better days for all of us.

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