Eyes in a Room


Eyes in a Room

by JP Leddy


Eyes across a room


Heart pounding hard


Body temperature rises


Time simply stops


Music pulsates loudly


Day’s worries forgotten


Crowd blocks view


Crowd clears away


Eyes turn downward




Poem has been submitted to Thursday Poets Rally Week 34 (December 2-8)

* I nominate Drew for the The Perfect Poet Award for Week 35


Thank you for the following Perfect Poet Award for Rally Week 34 and I feel honored to be counted with my fellow peer awardees.

I would also like to thank our Poet Leader Jingle for the following Participation Awards for Thursday Poets Rally WeekΒ  34

The Most Far-Sighted Poet Award

The Most Soulful Poet Award


Lovely Blogger Award


The Merriest Poet Award

32 thoughts on “Eyes in a Room

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  4. vote if you can , referring to the pingback on top of the comment,

    due to the number of poets in the list, I would not further request you to vote,
    the deadline is December 22, yet, it is good to get the voting done as soon as possible.

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