My Wishes for Christmas


This season brings powerful feelings and memories to me etched from a time  growing up as a young boy  on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The hope  given to me from the story of  the babe born in Bethlehem affected me from that time where the marriage  turmoil of my parents  and the abusiveness between them scarred my young heart.  Also heaped upon that was the turmoil of  my own  internal sexual self identity which at a young age was constantly convulsing in me  and where I had no where to turn to talk about. Deeply sensitive , I felt  more  most my age than most boys and certainly my  life experiences matured me much quicker than what was intended.

So Christmas with all its music and its message of hope and renewal offered me respite from the storms of my young life. Despite my departure from organized religion, the spiritual nature of the holiday still moves me.  I still feel my heart soften every time I hear the story of the nativity.  It was a major anchor of stability to the young boy that was me.

However, this year , with some years behind me and the spirit of that little boy enlivened in my heart, what I could wish for most on my letter to Santa is a world, where instead of investing in ways to create more awful ways to destroy each other, we can invest in ways to find cures to cancer, AIDs and the other devastating enemies that affect us all as humans.

I would also ask that we become a world where we get rid of our ism’s and bigotries which promote hate and inequalities. We are all unique and we all deserve happiness. Just let us all be.

I would also ask for a world where we truly become caretakers of our world wisely using our resources and our environment.

Finally, I would want a world where we put into practice the love that is the message of the season.

God Bless Us Everyone!

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