Christmas Dreams, Christmas Love


Christmas Dreams, Christmas Love

By: JP Leddy


Christmas day has turned into Christmas night

The last pieces of festive wrapping picked up

Smiles linger over gifts received and family seen

The wintery air continues to whip its magic in the dark

My eyes droop under the weight of egg nog and spirits

My heart dreams of Christmas love

Not the kind written in cards and heard in spoken word

But the kind from a depth so pure that no other intrudes

It is a love enduring born to lasting the ages

Where age,  illness , or distance holds no obstacles

Where fidelity and loyalty are offered willingly

Where eyes lock and and together is the only option

Where being apart is rare and the the reunion are sweet

Where the passion ignites to a higher degree with every passing year

Where two hearts beat and connect becoming one life

My Christmas Dream is to find Christmas Love

Light the way ,  Star that knows where He is


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