Oprah’s OWN Network – A Winner! – Everything TV Should Be About!!!

I must admit that I was wondering if all this build up to Oprah‘s new network, OWN, will live up to the expectations.  Well, it did and more.  I sat down and watch both live and recorded shows this past weekend during the maiden launch of new network.  I felt like I dipped myself into such quality TV watching that I almost did not believe it was TV anymore.  Now there are some good TV shows out there on other networks. However, most if it is cow manure.

The shows on OWN that I have seen so far are done with such a high level of respect and professionalism to the craft that is television that it should be made a course on what power TV can be when the best is given to it.

The reality show , Kidnapped By The Kids,  had me riveted with a father who is kidnapped by his children from his job to spend time with them. The moving dialogue and experience that happens between them brought more heart and drama than most scripted TV shows and it beat almost all of the junk reality shows that exist out there.  It really elevated the reality show to a real force not only for good television but for social change.

Master Class with a very unique look at the Movers and Shakers of today brought them closer and more intimate to the audience revealing elements that went beyond the tabloid kind of glossy interviews that fill our media.  Master Class is  real meaty  revealing life questions with answers that make a connection with everyone.  What lessons are learned? What mistakes were made?  What growth was found?  The audience is left inspired.  I was inspired by Jay-Z, the Hip-Hop artist/businessman.  His life story left me respecting his growth from the ground up and the humanity of it.

Miracle Detectives which shows a very balanced view of reported miracles throughout the world.  Here, a pair of detectives one who believes in miracles from a faith perspective having witnessed one and another a scientist who tests everything with the scientific method using evidence. This dynamic explores both the explanations for miracles but also shows the enormous faith produced by them. Excellent show.

Season 25, Oprah, Behind The Scenes.  All I can say,  is that I get exhausted just watching what this amazing staff and this woman known as Oprah do to put these shows together.  It is not not an easy job to top yourself on your final season.  I also am glad to see they are the most down to earth group of people including Ms. O herself, despite her billionairess self!  There is a commitment to excellence and it shows when the stress level is high.  There is also humor even with the boss lady herself.  This is a great way to see one of  TV’s greatest legacies end their final year.

Well, there are even more shows to this great network.  I urge of you to watch it.  I also hope OWN causes a revolution in TV and the other networks up their game because they have a lot to catch up on!  OWN is several laps ahead.

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