The Heart Behind the Haus of Coxxx

Ana Mae Coxxx

It has been many months now that I was inducted into the menagerie of characters of a family that was created by the San Francisco drag personality, Ana Mae Coxxx. On the surface there is a lot of tongue and cheek to all of this and ,  there is a lot of stories that can be written about the drama and shenanigans of our group, but we do in the end have a lot of affection for each other.

I have written before about the high performance caliber of our leader, Ana Mae Coxxx ( aka Matt Smith).  As our “Mother”  , Mama Coxxx has certainly made a mark for herself in LGBT community as a consummate performer that transcends lip syncing to a true art form bringing audiences to such high levels of applause and adoration.  There is true talent  in Ana Mae Coxxx  who enriches every performance with great acting fit for the stage.

Ana Mae Coxxx with some members of her Haus of Coxxx

However, what is the most meaningful thing to me about belonging to this Dragternity of sorts, is that ability to raise funds and awareness for causes.  Ana Mae Coxxx, as well as many of her contemporaries, has been and continues to marshall the community to donate both money and time to raise needed funds for causes like the Trevor Project, educational institutions, AID’s Charities, causes to fight Breast cancer, and other worthwhile endeavors.  This is truly where the heart of the Haus of Coxxx lies in its ability to do good.

Example of a fundraiser

People ask me why I stay with the group or why do I make efforts to go to the show.  Well, the number one reason is that I love the people in the Haus.  The second reason is I love the opportunity to be involved in worthy causes.  There is also an element of fun and even drama in it.

2011 will be a pivotal year for the Haus.  I hope we can do much good.

Ana Mae Coxxx

Note:  Come see Ana Mae Coxxx perform regularly as part of the Hayes Valley Follies every Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. at Marlena’s Bar located at 488 Hayes Street San Francisco, CA.  No Cover Charge.  Great drinks and Lots of FUN!

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