The First Four Days

2011 is already on its 4th day and it is already  making its mark.  My best friend is dealing with the sudden death of his stepmother.  He just left to be there with his mother.  Yes, she is a lesbian and her long term partner passed away.  She is having a hard time as most do when the love of their life is taken by such a cruel monster like cancer.  My best friend and his brother are joining their mother to prepare for the funeral at the end of the week.

I did enjoy venturing out to spend some time with friends during the first couple of days of January but still have not completely gotten rid of the cough and congestion in my lungs. I had X-Rays taken and I am waiting to see if the doctor will continue me on the same regimen of medicines.

I had to expend lots of funds on behalf of my adult children which is alright. However, it makes this January an extremely tight one financially.  However, these things happen and I just need to make sure things are kept at a frugal nature. I had hope to spend some funds on some personal nutritional and health services for me but that is delayed.

I am excited about work and the possibilities about growing the business is exciting especially with some new responsibilities I have been given in the business community. This has definitely been the bright spot going into 2011.

My personal life is still not where I like it to be as many things need to be resolved concerning my former partner and anyone new in my life. It is at a better place and I am open to whatever lies ahead.  I just need to take it a day at a time.

The first four days simply let me know that life is still going on and that 2011 is simply another chapter of that journey.

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