General Hospital – All Things New Are All Things Old

02c General Hospital - Entrance (E)

Image by Kansas Sebastian via Flickr

One thing about being sick through the holidays is that you get stuck watching TV. For me that meant watching Oprah and soap operas again. Actually, watching one soap opera, General Hospital.  I had not seen that show in years.  So I wanted to see what has happened in that time period. I found out that there were a lot of changes, but in terms of plots and writing, all things new were really old things old.

I had to laugh to see that the  character Luke Spencer ( still played by Anthony Geary) was still on and still the same except for age and gray hair. I even caught up to him getting married again not to the lovely Laura , in that famous wedding of decades ago but to a Quartermaine. Who knew?  Love it!

Of course, all the assorted children have grown up and become the main characters and story lines seem reminiscent of the old days with the same love/ betrayal/ scandalous stuff that make soap operas so juicy and unrealistic.  I found my brain turning to jello as I got caught up on all the plot lines.

Of course,  true to the kind of leadership that General Hospital has had among the soaps for years, prior to New Years the writers  throw in an over the top disaster. Most of the children of all the main characters are on route to a holiday ski trip and get involved in a catastrophic bus crash leaving everyone wondering who survives.  Excellent and true to the GH tradition.

Well, now that I am back to work , I can leave the GH world and probably check back in a few years and catch up and see the same formula that has kept it at the top of the Soap Opera game.

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