Farewell Elizabeth Taylor… A Beauty Inside and Out

Today a world icon known for beauty, stardom, glamor, the occasional scandal, and even tragedy passed away.   Her name – Elizabeth Taylor.  Yes, she was an Academy Award winning actress. Yes, she was larger than life  personally and on screen.  She had her share of mistakes.  She also was vulnerable and human.

Her life taught me and others that despite our flaws, we can still improve and we can still contribute worthwhile things to humanity.

Liz shined most in the work she did for charities and causes, even those that were not so popular.  This was especially true in the early fight against the AIDS‘s epidemic.  Liz brought light to the plight when there was so much bigotry , misinformation and fear on the disease. She tirelessly worked for the cause and was a major factor in getting funding and public support.

Many will write about her film career, her personal life and her physical beauty today.  I wanted to write about the great soul she had , even with her life of privilege and of mistakes.  In spite of her very human failings, she was able to to give of herself.

Ultimately, at the end of her of her life Elizabeth Taylor will be known as a hero to millions who she has saved for her humanitarian efforts and for her fight for those that the hand of bigotry has oppressed.

I will miss her and my heart weeps today.  However, it will honor her in the days and years to come.

3 thoughts on “Farewell Elizabeth Taylor… A Beauty Inside and Out

  1. J.P., I agree with you that she was a beauty “inside” as well. She demonstrated good character in many, many ways. I read a biography she wrote years ago and she holda some fine ideals. She will be missed. Thanks for doing this lovely homage. Kudos to you and blessings of the day.

    Really, she was a lady in all the very best senses of that word.


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