Your Smile


Your Smile

By: JP Leddy


My occupied mind was emptied by your smile…

That stopped my rushing feet at the subway station

Locked in also by your piercing eyes , you had me…

From the first hello to the nights that followed…

Our bodies and souls collided in immediate chemistry…

Finding myself considering possibilities never imagined…

Yearning for your smile when it is absent from my day…

Thankful  for that wonderful first moment,  I find now …

A smile upon my face revealing a happiness unconstrained…

Submitted to Monday’s Poetry Potluck  Photograph’s , Memories, and Nostalgia


I also thank  our kind Poet Leader Jingle for the Creative Blog Award  and as tradition would like to pass the award onto my fellow poets  Jamie DedeDavid WatersOlivia Kavita and Fiveloaf.

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13 thoughts on “Your Smile

  1. Curious that the idea of writing about a certain smile also occurred to me… I particularly like the first line! It says everything.

  2. JP, what a tender sweet poem. I love it. Read it over a few times. Savoring. Lovely. Thank you!

    Congratulation on the Award. Perfect for you indeed.

    And thank you for passing the Creative Blog award on to me. Means a lot, JP, and much valued coming from you.

    Blessings …


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