Life Movement

I am sometimes amazed at the way things move in my life from week to week.  There are things out of my control as life presents it’s myriad of experiences and impacts on my particular path.  However, what has been most revealing has been by response and reaction to all of it.

First of all,  things have been quite positive overall , despite a few life changing events.  Most of what has helped me moved through those events has been the realization that  my happiness really can be found within and that living in bitterness will only hold me down.  Also, there is an unburdening that comes with forgiveness and love.

Second, with all of this has come an openness in my heart which has in effect brought new people into my life and new possibilities.  Each day has literally been a new canvas to paint on. I have appreciated my time with the people in my life more and really enjoyed the moments spent together.  I have been really determined to live in the present.  That has made a difference.

What emerges from this kind of wholeness is a more authentic life where superficiality fades and honesty reigns.  I believe that is why I feel a certain confidence and calmness about everything. I also believe it gives me perspective that anything that I have experienced in my life previously  is not even comparable to the more wonderful experiences that lie ahead for me.

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