Service with Honor

Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt

I posted this video on my Facebook page and I know it has moved others as much as it has moved me.  I come from a long line of men and women who have served in the military with pride and distinction.  Their quality of service was not dependent on their sexual orientation but on their ability to do their job honorably and and skillfully.  They loved their country and those that served with them. Some of them gave the ultimate sacrifice – their very lives.

Today,  even with the immense progress that has been made with such outdated policies as DADT there still is an undercurrent in this country against those in our armed forces who are gay or lesbian or those in the broader LGBT community. As unfounded as these bigoted notions are,  facts show that these group of soldiers and military personnel have served with much honor. Many have given their lives for our country.  The arguments to not give full standing and equality and recognition to these brave men and women fail miserably.

So this video honoring Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt speaks volumes more than any political debate in the halls of Congress or any horrible disrespectful protests outside the funerals of  these honored ones.

One day I hope this country truly wakes up and does good by them.

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