The Power of A Kiss

Although  Facebook did not remove a picture of a same sex couple kiss as originally reported, the  protests including kiss-in’s and a deluge of countless same sex kiss pictures  that were posted by FB customers showed the power of social media activism.  It also shows that in our society we still have some ways to go before a same sex kiss does not cause such controversy.

As recently as a month a ago there was controversy over such a kiss on the popular prime TV series Glee.  Homophobia continues to be a blight on this nation and rises to its highest offices. This battle for equality and societal change is still very real.

I especially like to reach out to the younger generation who have reaped the benefits of the activism of those who shouldered even heavier challenges and bigotry in the past.  Learn that history and embody the lessons for the present. This is not the time to become complacent.

It is also not the time to become apathetic.  The other side is not and they will continue to utilize propaganda and any disinterest shown in any segment of the LGBT community to further their cause.

I was at an event in San Francisco honoring the 40th anniversary of the Bay Area Reporter, the premier gay newspaper in the region. It ranks historically as one of the major communication vehicles for gay rights in the city and consequently in the nation.  I was sitting with some 20 somethings and they did not have a clue what the B.A.R. was all about.  I do expect some ignorance with people their age on some of these iconic gay figures and media.  However, to be completely clueless did saddened me.  They did know a lot about the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.  I guess that is gay to some degree.

They also grew up during a different time.  However, their political activism has to still be very present even within the new norm.  We all have to be engaged.

One day a kiss between two men or two women will not even deserve a blink.

5 thoughts on “The Power of A Kiss

  1. It still amazes me that in a world that has made such leaps in so many areas we can still be so in the dark ages when it comes to love…things must change, and they will…one battle at a time.

    Bravo friend 🙂

  2. I do very much enjoy your blog and your dedication to change. I’m not gay, but I have had many gay friends throughout my life (here in the rural South), and I deeply respect the human rights struggle aspect of your blog.

    People will always lean toward persecution of the “Other,” whatever that Other happens to be during that time and location. It is my hope that courage, education, and hope will win out in the end.

  3. Well done … and your point about the younger generation is on target when it comes to many, many issues.

    I wondered if you were going to post on the Reporter for its 40th. I lived in SF during the ’80s and initially theirs was the only reasonable reporting on the subject. They deserve kudos for that if nothing else. Also, here other paper publications are biting the dust and the Reporter is apprently doing okay!

    Sad that this continues … and yet we can show violence – including violent sex – and no problem, which makes it all sader still.

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