Tom Goss to Perform in San Francisco May 1st

I have followed and written about this talented music artist since I first heard him on the award winning podcast called Feast of FunTom Goss is one of my favorite music artists.  I have had the privilege of seeing him perform,  having dinner with him and developing a friendship.  He really is an artist in the truest sense.  He has a unique voice with songs that both lyrically and melodically are his own.  They also resonate stories from his life and his views of the world.

This former wrestler and catholic seminarian, came out and has become one of the more prominent LGBT artists featured heavily on the Logo Music Channel.  His music video ” Lover”  was rotated a lot on that channel and on the internet  with its reference to the DADT issue and Gay equality issue in the military.

I will list his web site and you can read his official biography.  I want to give you my personal impression of him.

What is really compelling about Tom besides his obvious attractiveness, is that he is one of the most down to earth people I know.  I have met celebrities and people in the music industry before and Tom does not show any of those usual trappings you see in the more stereotypical personalities that you see there.  He is approachable and passionate about his music.

He does have a great sense of humor that definitely has an East Coast bent but with no pretension at all.  He is a tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops ( or sandals) kind of guy.

You sense a spiritual core to him that comes through his conversation and also through his singing.  His song “Rise” continues to be one of the anthems of my life.

Tom is married to husband Michael and seems to lead a relatively normal life.  His postings on Facebook are often humorous and relatively normal. Very refreshing.  It seems that love, life, and music are central to this music artist’s soul and his music simply let’s us share in his journey.

So this is the great news, he is on tour and coming to San Francisco on Sunday, May 1, 2011.  He will be featuring music from his new album,  Turn It Around.   For more information and to listen to his tracks and order them check out:  Tom Goss Website

He will be playing at  Kimo’s Bar and Penthouse Lounge located at 1351 Polk Street in San Francisco.  Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased at his website. Jeb Havens and Jeff  Altergott will also be performing.

For those of you in the bay area…  you need to come and see Tom perform  and meet this artist.  You will become a fan.

6 thoughts on “Tom Goss to Perform in San Francisco May 1st

  1. I’ve listened to the first vid. Excuisite … Thank you for an intro to a wonderful new-to-me artist. Blessings … Sending off the link to a friend who will appreciate it as well …

    Will listen to the others as I prep dinner. 🙂

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