Happy Endings – The TV Comedy That Stole My Funny Bone and Heart

ABC's Happy Endings cast

With no laugh track and with some quiet resolve,  Happy Endings, the new ABC comedy has completely won me over, heart and funny bone.  The writing on this show is so good.  It is the new Friends of this century but even better.

There is something more intimate and more funny about these group of characters.  Two of them is this couple who just broke up,  one couple is in an  interracial marriage where one guy is really metrosexual.  The other friends are two besties where the guy is more of a macho slobbish gay man with his bff gal pal who is more like a stereotypical femme gay guy.  Each character is so well played out by the actors. Every character  is self centered enough to make it interesting but not obnoxious.  They genuinely care and fit well each other.

A recent episode had a squatter living above the guys who snuck through a crawl space on the ceiling at night to steal food much to the dismay of the gay guy who thought his roomies were stealing from him. So he borrowed one of those baby camera monitors hidden in a teddy bear from the couple. The craziness gets even funnier when one of the girls decides to ask the squatter out on a date when she accidentally runs into him at the guys’ place.  The storyline just spirals from there into comedic mayhem.

Now that is just one of the plot-lines.  The banter runs at the pace of Gilmore Girls mixed in with some Seinfeld magic. The comedy gets you in that genuine and fresh way.  Not since the debut of Modern Family have we seen a worthy contender for the top comedy on the air this season.

4 thoughts on “Happy Endings – The TV Comedy That Stole My Funny Bone and Heart

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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Happy Endings is a hilarious sit-com. The time slot however, is terrible, well for me it is anyway. That’s where DISH Network’s: dishonline dot com site comes in handy though. It’s an on-demand service that not only has a ton of content but also makes a lot of it available to non DISH customers and customers alike. As an employee of DISH I was pretty excited when this went live and have spent a good deal of time browsing all the great programming.

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