Heart Master

Heart Master

by: JP Leddy

The stars tugged at my resistance…

Lover-less I wait under the cloud of unbelief…

So many drift in and out of my bed…

None stay  within the chamber of my heart…

Yet it is my soul that yearns for love true…

For the embrace that goes beyond momentary climax…

The love that builds a lifetime of moments where two become one…

Heart Master,  help this wandering man lost in loneliness…

Submitted to Thursday Poets Rally 46

34 thoughts on “Heart Master

  1. Anarchist,

    Love or the longing for it brings the melodramatic in all all of us…our poems, our songs, our emotions…so yep…I went there…LOL. Thanks for your visit.


  2. Such a beautiful write on the yearning of meeting one’s counterpart – excellent write as always!

  3. Heart master… hmmmm… Brings several thoughts to the fore. Mastering the heart or the master ruling hearts … ? Interesting… and in the beginning the stars ‘tugging’ . Well phrased.

  4. I was touched by the yearning and longing you captured and the faint light of hope at the end. We all need that light of hope. 🙂 A lovely piece. I enjoyed reading your work.

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