Finding My Place

It has been well over a week ago, but I found a place to move into the city of San Francisco.  After over 12 years living in Lake Merritt, Oakland I finally will have a home in the city that I love – San Francisco.  I make the move on August 1st.

I moved here from Oregon those many years ago to accept a job and I was partnered with who I thought would be the love of my life.  Things change as life does sometimes. I no longer have that job or the partner.   This move will mark a new beginning for me. One that I am anticipating with some excitement.

I was so lucky to find a room to rent from this wonderful gay couple living in the Castro area.  It is ideal for me.  We immediately clicked when we met and I felt like the place was home. After the myriad of apartments I had looked at,  it was such a relief to find this place.  As much as I was glad I was moving from the apartment in Oakland, moving in with strangers in a new place was something I was dreading with some trepidation.  Not anymore.

With my job and social life all in San Francisco,  this move will simply be the final step to complete  the puzzle.

Finding a physical place to live is symbolic of now finding my place in this new era of my life.  I am glad it will be in the city of San Francisco, the place of possibilities.

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