Remembering Dad

Dad - Herbert Sablan Leddy

Today, Dad would have been 76 years old. However, he passed away when he was only 47  due to a rare neuromuscular disease that affected him since age 30.  He actually outlived  what the doctors thought would have been a quick deterioration towards death for the incurable disease.

This was partly due to his athletic demeanor. Dad lived and breathed sports. He was active and physically in shape.  The second was his sure tenacity and will. Dad was always determined to beat the odds. With some bravado, he would tell us his children stories of his achievements partly because he was proud and on some level to imbue on his progeny the same instinct to beat any challenge.

My dad was human and made mistakes.  Some big ones.  However, through the lense of my adult eyes I see a man that had attributes I emulate.   One was to stand up for yourself.  The other was not to be a quitter.  The other was to win the race and to be the best that you can to be at what you pursue.

He had a sharp intelligence and I only wished he had been able to go to college.  He loved political debate and with his natural charisma, dad probably would have tested the political waters.

I miss him now than ever before.  I believe that as adults our conversations would be better and having his personality around would certainly make life sweeter.  So on this birthday,  Dad, wherever you are…this son raises a glass to you and says: Cheers!  I love you!

3 thoughts on “Remembering Dad

  1. Hi Jon-Paul,
    I have been meaning to ask you about someone who must be a relation of yours. As a teenager, I was a friend of a ‘Mr. Leddy’. I can’t recall his first name now. He lived in Yigo and was married to a European woman. He must have been your Dad’s age, and seeing your Dad’s picture, I think he’s got to be a cousin if not a brother of his. Just curious if there’s a connection (you know how we Chamorros are).

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