Keeping Me Real

Keeping Me Real

By: JP Leddy

Storms may open me to despair…

With my heart lost in a dark forest…

Where pity has overcome who I am…

Where tears kick me to my knees…

Where I find no refuge in belief…

Then with soft whispers and strong hands…

Friends lift me out of the muddied mess…

Reminding me that I am better than self-hatred…

Making me see clearly again…

Keeping me real…

This poem has been submitted to the Monday Poetry Potluck Week 42

I also humbly accept the Perfect Poets Award recognition from my peers for Poets Rally Week 47

It came so quickly

Flames flickered brightly skyward

Smoldering remains

I nominate Mathew Mckenzie for The Perfect Poet Award.


14 thoughts on “Keeping Me Real

  1. Great poem…My fav line: ‘I am better than self-hatred’

    Inspirational and uplifting despite being about those down times we all inevitably have

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