This Next Decade

Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel more youthful and more happy than I have ever been.  I look back  these past 50 years of my life and realize that despite the highs and lows , I have lived a tremendously rich life full of experiences and memories that truly make a treasure chest.

I find myself looking forward to even better years.  Why this optimism?  Well, a great part of it has to do with love.  I have learned to finally love myself and accept myself.  That is a real accomplishment.  The second is that I have found love again.  This time the love has more depth and I feel truly in love. I believe that the universe has given me this kind of love because I was ready to give it too.

This birthday is really a celebration of life for me. It is my appreciation that each day is an opportunity to enjoy life, make experiences,  share love, and create meaningful memories.   If each day was like that, even when some days were not as up as others, life would be so much more vibrant.  I want this next part of my life, this next decade and the next decades, to be punctuated with this pattern.

So as I celebrate this yearly milestone of my entrance to this earth with friends, with candles, cakes, gifts and some teasing, I am grateful that with age comes the realization that life is to be lived, enjoyed and relished.

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