He is My All

I find myself on my birthday filled with thoughts of the man I have fallen in love with, Lee.  This birthday is the happiest in my recent memory simply because he came into my life. I found someone who is genuine and speaks to my heart.  He makes me feel young because that is what love does to you.  Time may press on , birthdays may come, years may wear the body down, but love enlivens the heart in that ageless state were love lives in youth.

I catch his eyes across the room, and yes, I love his handsomeness, but I also know that his kindness matches his passion.  When he holds me close to him, I feel swept away to our own universe where I am engulfed by peace and rapture co-existing.  Yes, I am in love but more than that,  I am in this journey of love, where each day is building to a new one where we bond closer together .

We went to Tiffany’s down town and got promise rings last weekend. It was so romantic.  I mean I will never forget the excitement and tenderness of those moments.

This has not been a fantasy that I have been living. It has been real, mature connection.  I have basked in its freshness and in him, this man I call my lover, my honey, my Lee.

So birthday candles, my wish has been granted before I ever blew you out.  However, I still keep in my heart  this wish that this would last forever beyond all limitations of flesh and spirit.  I want my happiness never to end. Lee is my all.

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