War Horse – Beautiful Film About Overcoming All Odds

Jeremy Irvine and Joey from War Horse

It has been a while since I have a watched a film that was so beautiful to watch with every frame on screen,  and with a powerful story to match. That is War Horse, another masterpiece by Steven Spielberg. It was amazing. It was epic.  It was moving.

Joey, the beautiful horse, is the central character.  It does not take long before the audience is completely invested in this beautiful creature.  Whatever beautiful and lovely quality, we as humans, have loved about horses is enlivened in this movie through Joey.

Jeremy Irvine,  as Albert, is perfectly cast as Joey’s Irish caretaker and bosom friend.  We live through the love and undying love that Albert has with Joey.  Albert brings in that undying faith that no matter what , he and Joey will be reunited despite the separation of war and the numerous obstacles.

We live through each’s journey apart , always wondering and hoping for the reunion that we knew would surely happen.  It does and with such cinematic pitch, that tears come to everyone sitting in that theater.

We learn that love and loyalty and friendship can overcome all , even in the darkest hour.

Peter Mullan and Emily Watson bring in great performances playing Albert’s parents.

The film is rich in themes and emotional impact fit for the whole family.  Although, some of the war scenes are too intense for really young children.

This movie is going to be a classic.

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