My Heart Sings

My Heart Sings

by: JP Leddy

Days passed swiftly into my life’s memories

Year of changes birthed from the unknown

What was seeded from unhappiness turned to joy

Winter turned into Spring  welcoming Summer sun

While fall leaves flew into Christmas wind

My heart sings as a new year greets me

Blanketed with a beautiful  found love  

Submitted to Thursday’s Poets Rally Week 59

16 thoughts on “My Heart Sings

  1. Beautiful poem, JP!
    The flow of one season or phase coming into the next so smoothly written. I especially like “fall leaves flew into Christmas wind”. Each thing coming into being out of something else. From days to changes of years, all pointing to an ending blanketed in love. What a marvelous trajectory!

  2. What a nice way to say good bye to those things that held us back, and welcome the new. I enjoyed the lines “What was seeded from unhappiness turned to joy,” vivid!
    -Erick Flores

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