The Darkest Hour – The Dumbest Hour

Well,   There are not many science fiction movies that I see that I come away feeling that the movie is laughable ( yes, my tolerance level is pretty high when it comes to sci fi) .  However,  The Darkest Hour is pretty dumb.  The premise has been seen before in one way or another when a menace from space attacks our planet and the end of all life is at stake.  This one is  invisible.  Well, almost.

This movie had so much potential. I mean the international setting in Moscow.  The idea of complete isolation against a formidable unseen force in an unfamiliar country had the premise of greatness.  What we were left with was a cartoon movie and a pretty poor one at that too.  A Scooby Doo episode is more entertaining.

What you find yourself doing is rolling your eyes and laughing at places you should not be responding like that in the movie.  You kind of felt if earth were destroyed , who cares?

There were some cool special effects and even one or two startle moments but not enough to carry a sorry script.  I think some of the actors were acting beneath their range.  I really could not tell because the script and plot overwhelmed all of them.

So if you want to get more entertainment from the popcorn you are eating,  see The Dumbest Hour…I mean The Darkest Hour.

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