Face People

We live in a social media culture where in the last few years, we have built online friendships across national, political and religious boundaries communicating on a daily basis about the smallest details of life. We have shared with people we have never met, pictures of our lives, our likes and dislikes, our locations and even our heartbreaks.

Some of these people we know Face to Face.   Whether we have met them personally or not,  we probably know these friends a lot more intimately then the neighbor next door.  Now, that would be an interesting study!  Most of this is because of the use of cams, we can actually see their faces and hear their voices to add to the written word.

These Face People have become a large part of my life.  I have friends as far as Serbia and Tasmania.  I have learned that we have the same basic wants and needs.  In the LGBT world, it has been empowering.  We gays are everywhere and it just confirms that we are part of the human genetic code.

This form of communication has been the impetus to launch revolutions and in the gay community, universal equality efforts all over the world.  Social Media has not only told the world that “It Gets Better”  it has been the major tool to making it better.

So today, I am grateful for my Face People on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In , My Blog and other social communities.  Keep reaching out and making friendships. Perhaps world peace starts by simply inviting a friend.

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