Boyce Avenue and the Music of My Life

Sometimes a song that you have heard once before sounds new again , especially when sung by a great artist. That is why I love Boyce Avenue. Their original music and their covers of some of today’s most popular songs are so pure they reach down into my soul and the music moves into my life and becomes my soundtrack.

They were introduced to me by someone special who came into my life briefly and who took my breath away. How appropriate. He loved to sing and their music as an added dimension of meaning to me.

Also , the emotional rhythms that I have been going through these past few days leading up to and including to Easter, has found me using music to move through my feelings and to somehow keep my sanity intact through some things which had tugged at my heart.

The songs are like a needed embrace that comfort my soul and hold me together when the tears come and they keep my heartbeats at bay when the smiles go into overdrive.

I love music.  I love Boyce Avenue.

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