Love to Live

I saw that phrase ” Love to Live” in a Maya Angelou poem.  It stuck in my head and somehow has lingered and attracted other thoughts that have awakened my being.  I know that what gets me up in the morning and what gets me through the tears and the laughter is that I love to live.  It is not only an a-ha moment it is one of those foundation blocks of my existence.

Isn’t the wonderful thing about the ability to take every breath that we do, composed of  moments when we have what brings some real meaning to our lives.  I say moments because it literally is not the duration of time that they happen but the impact.

It could be simply a walk in the park where you are swept up by nature and enjoying the sunlight warming your flesh.  It could be a connection that you feel with someone that you may be in the throes of passion with that goes beyond the physical sex.  It may be the pure joy of accomplishing some project at work where you were involved in something you enjoyed.

These best in  life moments are the reservoirs that hold us up when we are burdened with the things and events that are not pleasant, difficult, and heart wrenching.  To me, to love to live, is to also know that there is pain along the way, but that it passes and that joy is around the corner.

This whole idea of being present in the moment is a key when you love to live.  You are fully aware of what makes you love to live. It takes the numbness of the mundane away. Life becomes welcomed as a wonderful gift  every day we open our eyes to the new day sun.

To love to live also recognizes our value and worthiness to exist on this planet.

This opens our understanding that everyone has that birth right.  Armed with that knowledge , to love to live we must love each other.

2 thoughts on “Love to Live

  1. I couldn’t agree more. As someone who lives with stress on a daily basis thanks to my job it is easy to let the moment pass by, to let the stress define me. But we only get a few moments in life. Every moment you can’t fully enjoy will one that you don’t get back.

    My two cents, anyway.

    Your post made me think and I like that.


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