Tax Deadline, Beer and Pool

The tax deadline means my office ( accounting  goes from overdrive to a more normal setting. As the only non-accountant in the firm, it will be welcomed.  My fellow workers will return to an almost human state.  I say almost, because  seriously, most accountants seem like they are from another planet.  Can you tell I am the Sales Manager?

What it also means is that I need to figure a better strategy so I am not paying so much taxes this year.  Ouch! Winning the lottery would be one alternative, but I think that would not be a sound plan.  I am not that lucky with that type of thing.  However, with slot machines it is a different story. I win most of the time. I am not even a gambler.

So money is on my mind. I am sure it is on everyone’s mind.  I always want to make more of it but managing it better with real strategy is my real goal.  There are many ways to do this and this year I feel my plan will get me there. Of course, I have built in expertise within my company.  Investing wisely and cost efficiencies are important.

Ok, that is all I am going to write about money.

Today,  a friend and I went out to lunch.  We talked about many things and we stop by a store or two.   Shopping! I couldn’t do it but it made me think of  clothes. I love them.  However, It has been a while since I went shopping for them.

I started thinking of some style changes that I would like to do.  Okay, some of it was influenced by way the men were dressed at the sushi place we ate at near Chinatown.  Mostly, I did not want to look like them.

Traveling.  I love it .  I can’t afford the big trips now but I am looking forward to the little ones here in the bay area.  I mean from wine country to beaches by a boardwalk.  The Bay area is full of interesting places and I want to see more  of it.

Wine.  Too bad it is not a beverage in the office like coffee is.   Just saying.

Now we are going to celebrate the end of tax season, as an office, at Jillian’s Billiards Club.  We will play some pool.  Yes, there will be beer.  Okay, it is not wine but there is going to be a buzz in the air …and in our heads.

Pear Cider beer. A British friend turned me on to it.  I like it.  I don’t like most beers. I always like asking for Cider at the bar now.  That is when I am not drinking Vodka Tonic, of course.

Cider? Is it Christmas yet?   Oh, I forgot, the tax deadline is today.  No Christmas in that.

I am done.

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