The Olympic Lesson For Life

Michael Phelps – Greatest Olympian ever winning most medals

One of the great lessons from watching the Olympics and getting caught up in the drama of both the sweet successes and heartbreaking losses of these athletes, is that it gives you some reflection of how we should face life and its challenges.  There are moments in our life when we have to absolutely give it our best.  Sometimes we do not meet those expectations.  Sometimes we fail.

Russian Women Gymnasts heartbroken over not winning gold

Those moments can be devastating.  For some it can sending them spiraling down to an abyss of no return , where a few often take the a route of the ultimate route of no return.  That is when failure turns into such loss that is so dark and can be the catalyst for the worse in us.

However, I was talking to my son last night and we both agreed that failure is simply a part of life.  Sometimes when we do what we think is our best it just does not happen for us.  Failure allows us to learn, to improve, to regroup and to get better.  It also allows us to appreciate things more and to even change direction.

USA Women Gymnast Team celebrate winning gold

There is no denying that with failure there are emotions of pain, regret and even some self-loathing.  But those should be momentary and only impetus to get up and try again.  It means opening an another door.  It means doing something better.

The best of the Olympics shows how the human spirit, when coupled with the human body, can accomplish much.  It shows how , when everyone is on the same mindset, that such sporting events can promote understanding and peace between nations.  There is a calm, for the most part, that settles among the nations within the Olympic Village. With a few exceptions from the past,  mankind, in all its diversities,  is at peace at the Olympics.  There is competition.  There is sport.  However, there is peace.

Danell Leyva proud of his Olympic Bronze medal

Like the Olympians,  every moment we have in life is a preparation for the times that we need to absolutely do our best.  Like the Olympians, we will have those times that  we will win the gold medal. There will be times when we may not win it.  Like the Olympians, we can come back  after more practice , do better, and  win it later.

When we take our personal stand on the podium of life during those celebrations of victories in our life ,  we cheer ourselves on to our next challenge of growth.   Our games are every day.  We  are the champions of our lives.

6 thoughts on “The Olympic Lesson For Life

  1. I think you said it best when you wrote, “Failure allows us to learn, to improve, to regroup and to get better. It also allows us to appreciate things more and to even change direction.”

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