The Final Four on So You Think You Can Dance’s Exciting Season

Back L-R Eliana Gerard, Witney Carson, Tiffany Maher
Front L-R Cole Horibe, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, Cyrus Spencer Photo by Fox

Last night gave us the dancers who America decided will compete for the Best Male and Best Female Dancer on So You Can Think You Can Dance on one of the most eclectic and exciting seasons ever. The competition has been fierce all season long. The finalists were chosen by America with no saves by the judges.

It was especially hard to see Cole Horibe eliminated in the male category. His unique style of martial arts and his adaptability to different styles of dance was remarkable.  He also had the acting chops and gave some of the most prolific performances of the season.  However,  it was the popularity of Cyrus Spencer with his likability and novel dubstep movements that endeared him to American audiences.  Spencer never was in the bottom two.  He was the least experienced dancer of all three men but his underdog position worked well to the audiences.

The other male finalist Chehon Wespi-Tschopp  is a wonderfully trained dancer, beautiful to watch, whose only weakness was in the latin dances.   If judged in both the technical and overall performance category, he should win the male competition. His challenge is winning the likability factor with the voters.

Utah‘s Witney Carson was eliminated last night.  However this 18 year old gave  her opponents , Eliana Gerard and Tiffany Maher , stiff competition. She certainly had the powerhouse talent.  I assumed the vote was close  between the women.  Gerard enters the final with such likability and such exquisite dance form. She is absolutely marvelous to watch.   Maher is equally wonderful to watch with her girl next door charm and amazing talent.  This is going to be such a close race between the girls.

America is going to see dancing at its best as this season comes to the close. Finalists compete Tuesday, September 11th.

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