Why I am Voting for Moe Jo for Grand Duke for San Francisco 2012 and Why You Should , Too.

Moses “Moe Jo” Garcia Candidate for San Francisco Grand Duke 2012

He literally lights up a room  when he enters it.  Often you hear his infectious laugh that fills up the whole space and expresses itself though his whole body.  Moses Garcia , or as he is affectionately called, “Moe Jo” brings such a positive energy to his well known volunteer service  to  the San Francisco  LGBT  community charities and other public charities.

He once held the title of Mr. Gay San Francisco.  He has been a leader in both the Imperial and Ducal fundraising court systems.  He has held many fundraising events and has raised thousands of dollars.

Through it all, he has been able to be amicable, caring , and trustworthy  which has earned him credibility as a leader  among his peers and the public.  Moe Jo deeply cares about the different charities that the Ducal Council supports and also looks at other groups that can benefit from the Ducal efforts.

He certainly brings with him the strong spirit of the Latino community but he also reaches the broader community because of his universal appeal. You feel that he is one of us and understands us.  He is a doer and expects it in us.

With charities that work with such needs and causes like AIDS, Breast Cancer, Anti-Bullying,  Hunger, Humane treatment of animals, Poverty, Moe Jo has the combination of skills that he can bring to the table with the next elected Grand Duchess to raise even more funds to help all these worthy endeavors.

On a personal note, he is a friend.  I have known him for a few years now and I have seen him. He is human.  Yes, he is flawed like the rest of us.  However, he believes that there is good that we can all do to better ourselves and our community. He has proven it time and after time again. Often with no real thanks and a lot of sacrifices through countless hours of service.

All through it , you can still hear that contagious laughter, that brings brightness to your soul.   So, yes, it is HIS time to lead us.  We will be the better because of it. So on Saturday, September 15th, if you live in San Francisco , Marin or San Mateo counties, take some time and go to Project Open Hand at 730 Polk Street between 9:00 a.m. and 1 :00 p.m. or  Magnet in the Castro on 18th Street and vote for Moe Jo for Grand Duke.  All you need is a valid Government I.D. card.

I will be voting for him.  He is my choice.  I believe he should be your choice too.

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