Non- Stop – Thrill Ride with Great Performances

Liam Neeson in Non Stop

Liam Neeson in Non Stop

With the Oscar season behind us, the film that has been taking the American movie going public by storm  has been Non-Stop.  The film stars Liam Neeson, as a flawed Air Marshall, whose transatlantic flight has an unknown person who texts him with the warning that if 150 million dollars isn’t transferred to an account, every twenty minutes a passenger on board will die.

The thriller, “who done it”  mystery,  completely captures you with some very nail biting scenes. The story takes on new meaning in a post Sept 11 world, where airplane travel has become a battle ground for terrorist.  It brings to question , how safe are we now, especially in vulnerable places like an airplane.

Liam Neeson brings a great, layered performance. His heroism is also accompanied by his frailty and his need to overcome them to do his job.  As the plot thickened in the movie, so do the questions about his trustworthiness arrive and become barriers in the carrying out of his duties. Ultimately, he shows that we can rise above ourselves to do what is needed.

Julianne Moore brings her subtle but well nuanced performance who the audience questions whether she is a friend or culpable in this horrific threat.  As always, her great acting skills brings both humanity and layers to her own performance.

Michelle Dockery ( also known for her role as Mary in Downton Abbey) also brings a strong performance as one of the flight attendance.

Kudos to all the supporting cast in this movie, they were a well oiled ensemble that elevated the script and the intensity of Non-Stop.

A true movie experience, do not miss it!

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