Chris Villain – Wants To Be Part Of Your World


Chris Villain playing The Little Merman

Chris Villain playing The Little Merman

Yes, he is one of those YouTube personalities, but with real musical talent and personality. He does cover songs ranging from pop songs to Disney tunes.  A current video that is gaining momentum is his cover of “Part of Your World.” from The Little Mermaid. His Merman version showcases his creativity and musical talent.  His Name is Chris Villain.  He is a rising star and perusing his videos shows his range. He has more talent than most of the current contestants in popular shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol.”   He has a mischievous quality,  that when coupled with his rich voice brings his unique brand to the world.

Chris Villain

Chris Villain

In his own words from his website:

“I’m Chris Villain. I stumbled upon my gift for making music at a time when I needed it most. This gift created a side in me that I am still learning more about everyday, and yet………’s slowly taking over. Music brought me to where I am now, and it’s only the beginning.

Through my Electronic pop sound, I want to take you to sights you haven’t yet seen, stories that haven’t been told, and places that only you can create. Each one of my songs has a place it takes me too, it’s own story, and even so,  I find they are all connected in a strange way.

It’s my wish that you travel to these places, through these stories, and that I change your life. I want you to become whatever your mind truly wants and to live your dream in this place you find. Be a hero……………Just know that……………. Sometimes to truly understand a hero, you must first understand a Villain.”

-Chris Villain

He also has a comedic. and humorous flair mixed with some untapped acting ability.  My personal hope is that he will be seen and heard by more people. A star is about to be born.

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