Bad Words – Reminding You That Jason Bateman Is A Great Actor

Jason Bateman in Bad Words

Jason Bateman in Bad Words

The premise of Bad Words is a dramedy which features an embittered adult man who figures the loopholes in the regulations of a prestigious national spelling bee contest, that he is able to be included in  a competition set aside for children.

Jason Bateman plays that man and is able to bring to life his foul mouthed, arrogant , and intelligent character on the big screen. He has the acting chops to pull together both comedy and drama in a great balance.  You actually like his character despite his flaws.  Bateman is able to peel off the layers and we finally see the true man.

Bateman delivered a great performance.

Also, his co-actors, specifically, Rohand Chand, holds his own as Bateman’s young sidekick. They are a great buddy pair.  Allison Jenney delivers a humorous performance as the prudish director of the competition.

The movie explores themes that pull from childhood experiences that affect adult life.  It is about the growth of a boy man into emotional realization.

It is a movie with heart and lots of vulgar words.  However, it all works together.

See it!

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