Equality In The Law Does Not Mean Acceptance …It Sets The Stage For It




We are experiencing historic, monumental times as the tide continues to turn to full marriage and LGBT Equality.  Laws change, but some people’s hateful attitudes will continue and may even increase in greater violence.  Historically, civil rights movements that have resulted in equality in the law have been followed by extreme acts by opponents. When they are fueled by misdirected religious self righteousness, the amount of hate can reach new heights.

That is why we should never feel like we can settle into apathy because we feel the battle  has been won.  Even if all the laws were changed to grant equality in its fullness to all LGBT citizens, we cannot settle into apathy because that will not only mark a milestone but also a door to another journey, changes people’s hearts.

In a recent episode of Glee, one of the main gay characters was beaten up in New York City which is supposed to be a haven from such hate crimes. It has not been and even with all the progress, hate crimes in New York are up.

The reality is to stand our ground more fully in promoting anti-bullying efforts every where but also enforcing hate crime laws every where. Our rights were fought for by generations past, but they must to be continually fought for so they can be maintained.  If we allow defeat , it was because of our own lethargy.

Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds sing…but remember the flying monkeys are still around.



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