Reign of Service-Thank You, Kevin and Khmera

Khemera and kevin

Their Majesties, Emperor Kevin Lisle and Empress Khmera Rouge of San Francisco


This week in San Francisco,  one of the oldest LGBT institutions , the Imperial Council of San Francisco, will see a new Emperor and Empress crowned to lead the charitable fundraising events for the coming year. It also will mark the step down of the current Emperor, Kevin Lisle and Empress, Khmera Rouge.

It has been a wonderful and amazing year marked by renewed interest of the court by many new participants, a great year of fundraising using grassroots methods, and a golden jubilee celebration of 50 years since Civil Rights Activist, Jose Sarria, the first Empress (affectionately known as Mama Jose) started this remarkable organization and movement.

Why the success?  It goes back to Kevin and Khmera and their leadership. From the very beginning their accessibility and inclusionary practices not only brought a community of volunteers together to accomplish great things but also resonated to the nearly 70 chapters of the organization in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  They were honored with being designated as the Golden Jubilee Monarchs by Queen Mother Nicole the Great of the International Court system.They have been ambassadors of the organization in their travels.

kand k

The very entertaining Empress Khmera Rouge and Emperor Kevin Lisle of San Francisco

What has made them successful,  was their tireless efforts in being present with those they interacted with and being active as they led out as volunteer leaders.  Yhis is their legacy.  They were able to raise thousands of dollar for many organizations in the community.  They rolled up their sleeves with their team and made it happen. They served well and will be remembered for it.

They now will take their place among the Emperors and Empresses who have gone before them and will continue to serve as senior members of the Council for years to come.

Thank you Kevin and Khmera, for making this a banner year for the court and for showing us that true service to the community outshines tiaras and laurels.







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