Guam Olympic Team Brings Island Spirit to the London Games

Guam Olympic 2012 Delegation USA Today

Guam is a 32 mile long island and at its widest point  is only 8 miles long. It’s population is about 200, 000.  Located in the Western Pacific , Guam is a tourist destination especially for Japan and other Asian countries and it holds major military Air Force and Naval bases.  It’s unique Chamorro culture influenced by 300 years of Spanish rule and over 100 years of American rule provides a rich island gem in the Pacific where America’s Day begins and American citizens reside on the farthest distant U.S. owned soil.

Among the athletes participating in this year’s games are:

Wrestler Maria Dunn, swimmer Pilar Shimizu, runner, Amy Atkinson,  judoka R.J. Blas, swimmer Ben Schulte , swimmer Chris Duenas, runner Derek Mandell and mountain biker Derek Horton.

Wrestler Maria Dunn raises the Guam Flag USA Today

The coaches and officials are:  Brent Butler, Roy Wood, Atef Hussein, Neal Kranz and Art Guerrero; and officials Tony Thompson, Chris Fernandez and Roger Wahl.

Of course, everyone hopes for a medal .  However, the fact that Guam is at the games participating on the world stage is an honor and is deserved.

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