Guam Olympian Pilar Shimizu Sets Personal Best In 100 M Breastroke

Guam Olympian Pilar Shimizu Jojo Santo Tomas/Pacific Daily News

Pilar Shimizu,  did what a lot of Olympians want to do next to getting a medal, beating their personal best. Guam Olympian, Shimizu, did that when she came in 2nd in her qualifying heat with a 1:15:76  which beat her record 1:16: 19 that she achieved two years ago in the 100 m breastroke.  She was the first Guam Olympic athlete to compete in a sport in the London games so it set the stage for a good start to the island territory’s showing.

Guam Olympian Pilar Shimizu at London Olympics 2012 Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Only sixteen years old and first time Olympian,  Shimizu has been training for 12 years.  A high school student , she is excited about competing with world class athletes that she has admired.  She has already made a difference with a great showing .

“For me swimming has sort of been a love-hate relationship but at the end of the day, it has really taught me a lot about discipline and motivation. I guess the thing I love most about it is the team aspect. I enjoy being able to compete around the world and challenge myself but still have my friends around to help me stay loose and relaxed,” she stated. – Pacific Daily News-

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